Playing area: 9X12 Points Army Attacker 100 – points Army Defender 75
Deployment: The attacking player normally enters the game from his short side of the table, the defending player deploys all units of his army within 4 from his short side of the table at the start of the game.
The scenario ends immediately at the end of the shift in which one of these conditions occurs.
• A player reaches the victory conditions.
• 6 turns are played.
• You reach the maximum time of 90 minutes (you end up in the current turn).
Victory Condition: The aim of the scenario for the attacking player is to take control of the archaeological well. To check the archaeological well you need to check its box with a unit of soldiers, objective can not be challenged and can not be controlled or occupied by a vehicle or aircraft. The aim of the scenario for the defending player is to eliminate at least 75 points of the opposing army. If the attacking player controls the archaeological well at the end of the turn or the defending player removes at least 75 points from the attacking army, the game ends. . The victory condition starts from the third round onwards.
When the game ends, the victory points (PV) are calculated as follows:
• Each unit destroyed is worth as much PV as it costs.
• The player who controls the archaeological well is awarded 25 PV for the success of the assigned mission.
Each player has at his disposal in this order for winning shot initiative in alternating order the placement of:
• a box that can be placed within 5 from your side of the table.
Special rules:
Supply: each unit that is in possession of a box can perform a special “Ammo Drop” action on itself to replace the used ammunition. This action is not additional but is performed in the action number granted to the unit in question.
Sandstorm: (page 135-136) During the first turn the Moderate Climate Effects rules apply and the game usually starts. At the beginning of the second round the player who loses the initiative roll throws three dice and consults the following table:
3 symbols “hit” the sandstorm ends.
2 symbols “hit” the sandstorm is reduced in intensity.
1 symbol “hit” the sandstorm maintains intensity.
0 symbol “hit” the sandstorm worsens by one degree. If it is already having severe weather effects, it will persist with such intensity throughout the duration of the game and no further roll will be required.

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