News from the front for this Christmas DUST 2018
News from the front for this Christmas DUST 2018

by Lucas Dune
Anticipations for the outputs of this Christmas 2018 with news concerning the new Japanese Block;
in addition we will have the release of two starter boxes one Allied and the other Japanese to create new armies and so you can choose new ways to fight this war !!!
A new helicopter with Chinese heroine for Ssu and PLA block, and other news … ..

The Japanese Starter Set will have a booklet inside to explain the platoon of the Weng-Si hero and the block’s background.

The Japanese walker Gembu / Basan will have in the box double armament: phosphorus flamethrower that behaves differently from the usual flame thrower (the flame and durable until the next turn) and artillery armament

The deadly Kill Squad in the anti-infantry body, will have the ability to neutralize the damage they receive in close combat.

The HellGate expansion: illustrates units, heroes, etc .. and platoons Mithos, Desert Scorpions, PLA, provides a campaign to play, lists and explains all new skills, and provides other utilities as tokens useful for the game.

The starter set Desert Scorpions the infantry unit armed with sten and with the legendary scottish hero armed with a sword and sten, with his booklet ….

A Desert Scorpions infantry unit armed with a phaser

The Chinese heroine pilot Sarnai and Grom the helicopter armed with Tesla cannons.

Mi-Go Raiders armed with a ray weapon.

here they are in the pictures:

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