News from the front on the releases for the end of March 2019
News from the front on the  releases for the end of March 2019

by Lucas Dune Here are the next realises, wich will arrive on the shelves and  be available from next end of March 2019. The official date for the realise for all the stores and shop-online is March 27. You still have a little time to decide what to buy or take everything and do not miss anything to your DUST collection!

A novelty is added to the scenic Babylon, it concerns a beautiful and interesting scenic, the Middle Eastern House N.2, larger than the No. 1, released last end of January. Its dimensions take up three squares, with the roof that works from floors upper easily removable so you can access the interior, made completely in resin like all the scenes of Dust. This building will certainly allow new ideas for scenarios and the application of military tactics; for example, for observers and snipers.

A very special release dedicated to the Mithos block that can naturally affect all the fans of the phantheon of the myths created by the writer HP Lovecraft, arrives the avatar of Cthulhu (called: The Sleeper, The Lord of R’lyeh, The Great Priest), sculpted by the talented and well-known Spanish artist Joaquin Palacios and designed by the young and talented illustrator Daniel Zrom for Studio Dust, you can find his illustrations in the Hellgate manual, really fantastic drawings and colors. This miniature is incredible and full of details, a truly important piece for your collection. I recommend if you can request it by booking it already in advance, if you want to make sure you have it on time and not to risk having to wait.

With the release of HQ Ndak returns the availability of having an important piece as Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox, Now the supreme head of the great Axis army, General Rommel earned the nickname in the sands of North Africa. He’s back and this time forever: there will be no retreat this time. In command of operations in Africa and the Middle East at the same time, the Desert Fox proves once again to be one of the best generals on the planet. Adds to the heroes Ndak an absolute novelty Major Helmut Von Loetingen PanzerMeister, very strong as a pilot but equally strong “on foot” and joined to a team of Grenadier, presents skills that make it immune to suppression, tactical skills to exploit the covers and take advantage of buying demage resilient, his presence on the battlefield is feared and terrorizes the enemy by suppressing him. The third hero is the heroine Tina & Yena, already well known and appreciated, very strong thanks to her interrogations where she uses her partner Yena to bite and finalize the enemy.

We will also have the release of another HQ, this time for the Desert Scorpions, also with three heroes, one in particular with a very elegant look and sniper skills. Roger Appleby is a MI6 agent, due to current events in the Middle East has recently taken on a more military role. His superb shooting and stealth are very used in this theater …

We will also have the output of an important IJN walker of the Rising Sun block named Ryu II / III (the Dragon) with two modes of Laser / Rail Gun weaponry, in both ways lethal.

While for the Mercenary block that is gradually becoming more and more autonomous, we will have the opportunity to buy a walker that you can deploy in one of the three modes that you like, Wrecker / Demolisher / Obliterator.

There will be another couple of releases / novelties, starter boxes for the end of April but we will talk about it and we will show them better in a future article.

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