5th Italian Dust 1947 championship
5th Italian Dust 1947 championship

by Lucas Dune

Once again, more and more determined to offer you an experience of fun and competition in the name of fair play, the Legio Italica – Dust 1947 group is organizing in Modena, on the occasion of the game fair – PLAY, the 5th Italian Dust1947 Championship, to crown the Italian champion of DUST 1947 for the year 2019. If you want to know how to participate, find all the info on the Universo Dust Facebook group; we invite you to subscribe to this open group, always very active, sociable and informed about everything related to the universe of Dust precisely!

Below is a video that explains the Missions played in the championship, the explanation is taken care of by the talented Miriano & Diego, guys from the youtube channel of Dust Italia.

Good vision ^_^

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