PLAYER 1 100% 100 Army Points

PLAYER 2 100% 100 Army Points

MISSION: An unidentified flying object – maybe a Vrill scout ship? – crashed in the middle of the desert. We must get there before the enemy!

GAME AREA: 9 squares x 11 squares (90cm x110cm). For this scenario two mats are needed, overlapping the square of one on the other to get the desired measurements.

SET UP: Place the unidentified flying object in the center of the board (as shown on the map), serves as the sole target. Then the players alternate putting ten Terrain elements each, at any point of the battlefield, extracted from the following list: 4 Trees / 2 Dunes (2 squares) / 2 Pillars / 1 Traps anti-tank / 1 Ammunition boxes. These items cannot be placed adjacent (within 1 square, 4 “/ 10 cm) to another Terrain element or to the Target.

DEPLOYMENT: Each player enters through his side of deployment, short side of the battlefield, see map.

TARGET: The target of this mission is the unidentified flying object crashed to the ground. The area guarantees coverage, can be occupied by infantry (which is therefore in cover) and does not block line of sight.

Duration: 6 rounds

Reserves: Player 1 Reserves (1)

Player 2 Reserves (1).

As per Basic Manual Regulation pag. 131

PRIMARY VICTORY CONDITION: A player wins if check the target at the end of a game turn, starting with round 3. No enemy unit must contest the target (be at radius 1 from it). Any other result does not allow to obtain the primary victory.

SECONDARY VICTORY CONDITIONS: At the end of the game, the winner is the player who scores the most Scenario Points. In the event of a tie, the winner is the one occupying the UFO square / area.

Victory Points: Each player earns a number of Victory Points equal to the point value of units destroyed to the opponent.

Scenario Points: Sum of victory points plus target points. The player earns 20 target points if he occupies the square / area of the UFO.

SPECIAL RULES: STRANGE WAVES” All vehicles cannot operate within 1 of the Target. If a Vehicle finishes a Move or March within Range 1 of the Target, it can no longer be activated for the rest of the game. The target also blocks radio waves. All infantry units within range 1 of the precipitated spacecraft may not receive special actions from command teams, but may receive actions from verbal command teams therefore being adjacent to them.

THE DUNES: in this scenario they are a particular terrain, they block the LoS when crossing. They do not block movement, but land units cost an additional movement point to enter, exit and move to / from a dune. Units with flying ignore this penalty. The dunes are open terrain. Land units above the dune gain the benefits of height advantage. Being above a dune has no effect on LoS