NEWS in the future for the AXIS! Opens the New Dust Collection program and closes Dust Elite.
NEWS in the future for the AXIS! Opens the New Dust Collection program and closes Dust Elite.

by Lucas Dune

As for the future of the Axis releases, in general, this year and next year the Blutkreuz will be greatly enhanced, increasing the available units, because among the Axis factions the Blutkreuz is representatively the most DUST of all . But that’s not all! Also for the Axis there will be a race to produce Super Tanks to counter the pitfall of the Mythos. Soon I will show them to you and present, but first I want to inform you about the new Dust Collection program and explain why the Dust Elite closure has started. Dust Elite closes the program registrations with good reasons: it does not want to compete in certain countries with its distributors and local shops. When a program, once a positive element, becomes a negative element, must be stopped; the Dust Elite program made sense years ago when distribution was lacking, but today there are very active distributors who are able to recruit and involve more and more shops. Dust Elite will therefore be closed with fairly long procedures and times and in different ways depending on the level of membership as a member; for those who have earned platinum membership for life alternative solutions will be found, but in general they will no longer accept registrations and those who do not have a high status as a member will receive a gift the day their enrollment in the program expires. At the same time the Dust Collection range will be created. Some (few) items in this range are already available, produced exclusively in resin, they are temporary previews for those in a hurry to get pieces that will come out in the future (about a year later) but made of plastic. In this program we will avoid making units so strong as to be GAME BREAKERS, so they will be regular units but a little special. The price of these items will be a little higher and the production will be limited to small quantities. While for what concerns the “FUTURE” of the realeases that awaits the Axis, it was shown at the Play Modena conference. Some are projects completed only at the level of 3D design, for which it will be necessary to have some calm and patience to see them made of plastic; maybe in a few years they will be on our tables or in our shop windows, but from what awaits us the waiting is certainly worth it. Now I’m going to show and present them to you:

Experiment X33: a big monster like an Ogre / Frankenstein that will enhance the Blutkreuz faction. Even the beloved heroes Gorilla and Sigrid in fur will go out in plastic for the same faction.

E 100 super heavy destroyer in the Krokodil version for the Blutkreuz faction, with Laser armament or cannon .

Already available in the Luftwaffe Army Box the X7 A / T missile, will also be made available on its own.

E 10 historic tank and the most recent version E 15 with the Panter track and a laser cannon supplied; you will have the possibility to choose between two weapons versions available in the same box, one with only a cannon / laser and the other with a cannon / laser plus an X7 anti-tank missile.

E 15 in the armored troop carrier version.

E 50 medium heavy tank that was to replace the Panther.

E 100 super heavy tank with a nice and aggressive turret and in the version with anti-air turret; they will come out in resin as a simplified kit in exclusive onto the Dust Game site. I greet you! To the next article and meanwhile I wish you many exciting and amusing plays at Dust 1947!


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