NEWS in the future for the Mythos Cthulhu and the imminent release of the long awaited Dust 1947 rule book in Italian !!
NEWS in the future for the Mythos Cthulhu and the imminent release of the long awaited Dust 1947 rule book in Italian !!

by Lucas Dune For this Christmas 2019, those who want to play with the Mithos Cthulhu army and be competitive against the other Dust 1947 armies will be satisfied, thanks to the eagerly awaited release of the HQ Mythos box which will contain three Heroes and the Command Squad: the army will thus become completely playable. Now I will show you, presenting to you some future releases for this Block:

The Avatar of Cthulhu: even if already released, we want to dedicate space and attention to it, because it is a beautiful model, carved by nothing less than one of the best sculptors in the world: the Spanish Joaquin Palacios. It is a very organic model and full of details such as the continuous folds on the gigantic body, with a beautiful and moving pose, already designed in the concept of the Spanish illustrator Daniel Zrom who illustrated the Operation HellGate expansion “Nothing will be the same “and the Vrill.

Dust Studio, which has put together two skill monsters who gave birth to the Cthulhu Avatar, is very proud of this result.

Cultist Guard: here is a unit that was missing to complete the effectiveness of his army, bringing ranged attacks.

Cultist Guads Hmg: the heavy artillery presents itself with a very original model, there being a cultist who hardly carries on his back the heavy weapon; they can also be transported by the truck and shoot from it.

Cultist Guard Hero: The fact that this hero flies on a flying carpet brings us back to the stories of the “One Thousand and One nights”;wanted by the illustrator Paolo Parente as a personal desire, who wanted to insert it in his Dust Universe. He will be a funny hero who can be put together with a flying team like the Mi-Go, if he gets off the carpet he will be able to make disasters, a fearsome hero.

Dark Young: The drawing is again by Daniel Zrom. For now the model has been carved only in 3D; its realization presents some difficulties because it is a very difficult model to make in resin and plastic: it has many tips everywhere, even inside the mouth and is developed in concentric layers with many teeth.

Deep Ones (Deep Inhabitants): on these creatures there is a whole story about an American military base on a remote atoll that is infiltrated by the Deep Ones, with different stages of evolution, but we don’t tell you anything else … All this will be told in “Paradise Lost”, although you can see from the drawings of Daniel Zrom that it is an alien creature that grows in size and monstrosity.

Headquarters: In the box you will find two cultist priests accompanying the resurrected Hero Rasputin, a captain who uses a megaphone to give orders because he does not own the radio, a mechanic and a doctor. There will also be two other Heroes: Ekaterina with the saber-toothed tiger and another Hero who for now is not given to us to know … a nice surprise! The release of the HQ box for the Mythos as mentioned is planned for this Christmas and the news is sure, because Dust studio let us know that the molds are already existing and finished. Then the Mythos army will be competitive.

Dust 1947 Italian rule book

Another news that makes us take a deep breath of joy is that the times finally seem ripe to see the  Dust 1947 rule book in the Italian language. It has been expected a lot for it, but we will have a refreshed rule book, in wich all the updates of the official FAQs released so far are integrated. It will be printed and distributed for Italy by Ammo Drop (its readiness now seems almost imminent! We hope that the printing phase goes as it should, well!). The date of its availability is not yet certain, but we can say that it will not go beyond the date of the next Dust Wave in July.

I greet you at the next report and meanwhile I wish you many exciting and amusing games at Dust 1947!

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