News in the future for playable scenic elements in the world of Dust.
News in the future for playable scenic elements in the world of Dust.

by Lucas Dune

With the output frequency of one per wave, approximately every 4 months, Dust Studio brings out new playable scenic elements. Many made in resin and some in PVC, we thimk they are really very nice to set up our Dust tables. Now I will show them to you, presenting some future releases of this Scenes:

Stash + Pallet: A scenic that will be completely playable; will have a card explaining the rules and giving bonuses to all VK energy users. Consisting of six bins and six uses,spending one action; the bins will not be glued to the base and will be usable by all the factions in the game: so it will be necessary to be very careful, because if an opponent put himself next to the Stash he can use it. You can also use it loaded on transport trucks to make the games very fun and lively. It will be an element that can be moved or destroyed but cannot be occupied.

The idol of Cthulhu and the Altar: taken from the beautiful and evocative illustration by Daniel Zrom that you find in the final part of the book “Operation Hellgate”. The Great Evocation of Rasputin, convinced that he has awakened the Mythos (but it is not quite so …). We do not know if it will be made in resin and will therefore have a certain cost, occupying 4 squares of the game grid (it is a scenery one of considerable size) or if it will be printed by a high quality 3D printer which would lower its costs. But this type of realization is yet to be tested and will only work if it retains its beauty.

Altar & Idol would be nice to have it to play a campaign during an event, maybe one per table. But it is not yet known when it will be ready to have a date of its release.

Industrial Ventilation Shaft: it is an industrial ventilation, which gives the possibility of changing the theater of play, so no longer in the desert of Babylon, but perhaps outside a secret base in Antarctica or towards an upper floor of a dungeon consisting of more than these industrial ventilations with the door, giving way to be able to play passing on two levels of game. It occupies a small square on the grid and as can be seen from the dimensions in the first image with the figurine in part, it is quite imposing as a scenic.

I greet you at the next report and meanwhile I wish you many exciting and amusing games at Dust 1947!

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