NEWS in the future for IN / Japan
NEWS in the future for IN / Japan

by Lucas Dune

The Japanese are the last released army, entered last winter the world of Dust 1947. Being a novelty in the Universe of Dust 1947, like the Cthulhu army, they need to implement their number with units that make them versatile with more wide choice of game and possible tactics to use, even if we have to say that already with the available units they are, from our point of view, formidable and satisfying as a performance. Now I will present you some releases in the future of this Block:

Headquarters: in the box you will find 3 heroes (two cadets and an officer with antitank weapons), the command team is composed of 6 figures, because there are two on a single base that use the machine gun as a support weapon.

Ninja AR: armed with assault rifles they will be released first in resin, exclusive to Dust Studio and will be subsequently printed in plastic at the end of next year. As for the Ninja Infiltration team, in the box you will find two leaders in different poses so you can differentiate with them more than a team.

Super Heavy Walker: Steel Samurai, what you see in the picture is the first truly impressive version built by the brilliant and talented Italian mecha builder and artist Luca Zampriolo, known in art as Kallamity, a true monster of skill. The version you see in the drawing is almost the final one, more suitable for engineering and mass production. It will be slightly reduced in size to make it playable in the Dust game scale and its head will be modified which will not remain fixed as in the prototype but will be able to turn where the weapon / cannon is pointing. There will also be another version of this Steel Samurai robot with two arms holding a sort of gigantic Katanas enhanced at VK and, according to Paolo Parente Art Director of Dust Studio, it is expected that they will be very interesting as a design project. Initially its production will be in resin and we hope it will be ready for next Christmas. We hope that it will be released later in plastic; it will take some time and patience, as it is a challenging model to carry out in series. The original model was carved by hand by the artist Kallamity and is very complex, rich in details and therefore not engineered and suitable to be printed immediately. Once the appropriate modifications have been made it will be a model that will remain impressive on the playing field.

Paratroopers: Japanese paratroopers will surely make happy those players who do not want to play with the Japanese only with cadets and Ninja units ; they will have the same Axis paratrooper suits of the 45 ‘, with Japanese helmets and will have beautiful poses like those of the Luftwaffe.

Small Weapons: a sprue of single Japanese weapons for the conversion of miniatures.

RailGun Team: both versions will be sold in a single box, one for the Ninja and one for the cadets; they are very powerful teams and therefore will have game limitations. The portable Rail Gun is kept in an absolutely unrealistic pose (but in this case we like this choice). Note that there is a small difference between the Ninja Rail Gun model and the cadet model: the Ninja model has a silencer but it will not make any difference on the card, otherwise, according to Olivier Zamfirescu Game Designer, it would be too powerful and would damage game.

Robotic Troops: Japanese robotic units are real robots without any pilot inside; they will go on marching on the battlefield, once identified the enemy will shoot them, immune to any moral effects. Their production is expected for next year.

Super Heavy Tank: heavy vehicle that uses the four legs of the Axis version; this project is still far from its realization because in the design / production phase the turret complicates the matter a little and will need more than a mold for its realization.

AirCrafts: there will be two Japanese planes, one that is the Japanese copy of the Axis Comet airplane, so it will allow us to do the Comet for the Luftwaffe. While the other plane is the famous Ohka rocket designed for the Kamikazes and will be played as an artillery weapon that comes from the sky and does Ka-Bum when it crashes into the enemy. You will have to work on the rules of the game, because historically the Ohka reached more than 1000 km / hour and no counter-air unit was able to target it before it had already reached him; for this reason its power will be modulated in the game.

German tank ( tank-hunter) of the most recent version E 15 with the Panter track and a Japanese railgun technology cannon, it also mounts plates on the sides that differentiate it from the German one.

I greet you, to the next article! … and meanwhile I wish you many exciting and amusing games at Dust 1947!

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