NEWS in the future of the Mercenaries, even Italy will be part of Dust 1947 + Bonus News for other factions
NEWS in the future of the Mercenaries, even Italy will be part of Dust 1947 + Bonus News for other factions

by Lucas Dune

The Mercenary army will have many releases in the near future (starting as early as this summer), partly because they are very popular among the players and partly because they need it, in order to be played even as a single army, without the need to join to another. Among the upcoming releases this summer we have the eagerly awaited HQ Mercenary box containing the Command Team and the beloved heroines. Some news also on the possible entry of an Italian army and a possible way in which it can be part of the Dust Universe, in a fairly distant future. Finally you will find some other little News update for the other previously treated and scenic blocks (so to find out more, we refer you to the previous written articles). Having said that, I recommend getting to the end of the article to learn more. Now I will present you some releases in the future of the Mercenary Block:

Tito Di Marino & Crew: for now the only human Mercenary human hero, except for the Gorilla Gregor (NON-HUMAN); the hero’s figure immediately suggests the resemblance to Paolo Parente, Art Director and creator of Dust; the hero is accompanied by beautiful mechanical girls. In this team it will be released exclusively in resin for Dust Studio and then later in plastic for all retailers. This team, unlike other mechanical units, can defend itself and can shoot because it is armed. For those wishing to have only the miniature of Tito Di Marino (Paolo Parente) in addition to being able to receive it by participating in the European Championship that is taking place in these days, it can also be received by registering and participating in the Greif Tournament which will take place next autumn, on the 19th and 20 October, on Lake Garda in Italy: an event open to all Dust fans. The Greif Tournament will be in its third year this year and will have many beautiful surprises for the Dust 1947 players about which we will talk throughout all this summer.

Rosie & Crew: now even the Allies have their team of armed mechanics! They are made of resin and are exclusive to Dust Studio.

Justine & Co. 6: For this Christmas, make yourself a nice present, for all the players who love sturdy miniatures and not collectible resin, a nice team of four plastic mechanics, also armed. The poses of these miniatures are the same as seen on the Mickey Mercenary, they were placed on bases sitting on boxes.

Headquarters: finally available this summer; you can finally play with the plastic Luisa, Emma, Nathalia heroines on your battlefield and you can replace your usual command team with this one if you like, but more importantly, the Mercenary block finally has its Command Team, bringing to it more and more independence.

Support Weapons: also these two units, one with the heavy machine gun and the other with the anti-tank recoil gun, come out this summer in a single box and in plastic.

Railgun Duo: another release for this summer; a very powerful unit that can be played with the limitation of only one army. The large oblong base has been created to contain this duo, but we can tell you that this base will also be used for other projects, such as motorcycles; we do not have images to show you yet, but we know that the project is in progress.

A / A Mickey: Allied walker chassis joined to the Axis turret, in order to do that, a specific ring has been created that allows to combine the turrets that have a different diameter; we can tell you that this ring has already been printed, so this model will be available soon.

Power Lifter: Axis Chassis equipped with lift arms for Mercenary use, enable you to move objects and to transport them on your playing field

Escavator: For now it remains a dream, says Paolo Parente when he tells it to us. It will be a vehicle that can be used as a recovery vehicle, a vehicle of mechanics with various accessories that can repair other vehicles damaged on the battlefield; he will be lightly armed with an anti-air machine gun mounted on the roof of the passenger compartment, so that he can defend himself a minimum. The central body with the bucket can also be mounted on the Allied walker with four legs and Axis chassis.

Barking Luther: Another creation of mercenary mechanics, the Axis chassis combined with a weaponry belonging to the Allies.

Light Vehicles: a light transporter that can mount the scenic Pallet + Stash (Bins containing the VK), thus bringing these resources around in the playing field. He will also have a double machine gun like the one used by pickups in the Middle East with the mercenary shooting. It will have the mercenaries also in the cockpit, armed with machine guns, almost  similar to the one of the Mythos. Official three-wheels vehicle inspired by a Japanese vehicle which is a copy of the Italian Ape Car Piaggio. It will be made a little more compact because the back is a little bigger than what is needed; it will be a really fun vehicle to use when playing.

It has often been talked about in recent years that Italy can also be included as an army in the Dust Universe under the Axis alliance: a team has been created, the Btg. San Marco, and a Luftwaffe hero. Now, for the future we are thinking of creating a faction that is not only Italian, but made up of all the minor Axis allies, such as the Finns and the Hungarians etc. Something that will develop over time thanks to Olivier Zamfirescu, game designer of Dust 1947.

Saharan: weapons will be changed to make it more Dust.

Viberti: One of our favorite vehicles, an armored car with an old-fashioned design, a 1944 Italian project with a wonderful profile. The turret will be changed and different guns will be placed.


Haedquarters Mythos

E-Tanks FlammPanzer Tiger I

In 2020, next year the infantry units will begin to be sold with this type of box with the possibility of being able to choose and build the team needed for the army in use.

I greet you, to the next article! … and meanwhile I wish you many exciting and amusing games at Dust 1947!

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