NEWS in the future for Ssu and the PLA faction
NEWS in the future for Ssu and the PLA faction

by Lucas Dune

New releases and projects for Ssu and above all for the last faction of this Block, the PLA faction, the one that needs it most to be equated with the remaining armies. We can announce you that the first releases will take place for the next 2019 Christmas; not many, but they will be necessary and useful for the PLA faction. Not everything you find shown in this article is already in the working phase: some are only projects taken into consideration, such as the Yak 23 Hunting aircraft that still needs to be designed in 3D to be considered an actual project. Now I will present you some releases in the future of the Ssu / PLA block:

PLA Headquarters: PLA Headquarters and PLA Heroes we present only the Hero Fu Manchu for now:

Imagine a person, tall, thin and feline, well-placed, with a forehead like Shakespeare’s and a face like that of Satan, a well-shaven skull and long, magnetic eyes, green like those of a cat. Investify him with all the cruel cunning of the entire Eastern race, accumulated in a gigantic intellect, with all the resources of past and present science … Imagine this terrible being and you will have a mental image of Dr. Fu-Manchu, the yellow danger embodied in a man. ” (The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu)

The miniature looks a lot like this fictional character, with the vial of poison in one hand and a pistol in the other, with treacherous features: a genius of evil of Manchu origin, initially appeared in a series of novels by the British writer Sax Rohmer (pseudonym by Arthur Sarsfield Ward) in the early twentieth century. Of course, the other Heroes will also be in the Headquarters box. The Command team will present miniatures with bodies similar to those of the Spetsnaz but equipped differently. The release is scheduled for this Christmas 2019. We will soon await images that complete the contents of the box.

We cannot yet know when it will be released, but as previously stated in the article: NEWS in the future of the Mercenaries, even Italy will be part of Dust 1947 + Bonus news for other factions by 2020, infantry units will begin to be sold with this type of box that presents the modality of being able to choose and build the team that serves for the army in use.

The Aero KV47: Beautiful with its aggressive line, it will be available with new variants of armament. Armaments already present in other chassis of the Ssu.

Object47: It was not born as an amphibious tank but in Dust 1947 it will be. This idea of making it an amphibian, says Paolo Parente Art Director of Dust Limited, was born from the “soap bar” silhouette of this tank; it had been made this way in order to hypothetically resist the blast of a nuclear explosion. So even if hit by a strong wind with this rounded drop shape it would have resisted without tipping over; which there is no date to know thankfully. For Dust 1947, taking advantage of this form and supplying it with two helixes, he becomes amphibious. The programming of its release is not yet known and will require a lot of work for the mold that will have to be composed of several parts.

Kowalski’s Marauders: armored infantry like the Steel Guards and Heroes, equipped with jet packs able to make them fly allowing them to jump over any obstacles; equipped with melee weapons. We hypothesize that weapons adopt Tesla technology and therefore that they have all the characteristics but in this case in the body to body. The Kowalski quote seems to be taken in part from the character in the science fiction book “Space Infantry Starship Troopers” by Robert A. Heinlein.

PT47: amphibious vehicle called PT47-C, carries a Katyusha-type rocket launcher system, the rules are not yet final.

PT47: Amphibious vehicle called PT47-E, carries a roket pod specialized against aircraft, is a pure anti-aircraft.

PT47: Amphibious vehicle called PT-47 D, a vehicle equipped with a Rocket Pod. (Launchers)

Yak 23: The favorite airplane of Paolo Parente of all time, eager to give a Ssu Block fighter aircraft and not just helicopters, to have a different way of playing. For now it remains a dream, We hope this dream will come true in the future. We are very confident about.

Greif Tournament, the autumn championship of Dust 1947 which takes place for the third year on Lake Garda! 19 – 20 OCTOBER 2019 in Lazise, ITALY

The appointment to bring together the fans of Dust 1947, for a day of challenge and great game. The invitation is extended to all Dusters. Come to fight with your army at the Autumn Championship, come and win the Greif!

I greet you, to the next article! … and meanwhile I wish you many exciting and amusing games at Dust 1947!

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