News from the Front: new arrivals for the Shops and Online Shop for the first of August 2019
News from the Front: new arrivals for the Shops and Online Shop for the first of August 2019

by Lucas Dune

Here are the next news, they will arrive in this hot summer to coincide with the GenCon in Indianapolis, on store shelves and in online shops from this first August 2019. As promised, the Mercenary army, which is very popular among the players, has many exits, three of them in high quality plastic, from August those who will have these units will be able to play Mercenary quietly as a single army without the need to join another.

Headquarters: you can finally play the heroines contained in this beautiful box: – Luisa, a skilled pilot, who thanks to the Pilot skill, but only when she leads her walker Mercenary Demolisher, can transfer her Killing Spree ability to all the walker’s weapons. It also has the Official ability, so she can issue orders over the entire battlefield when she is in her radio-equipped vehicle. – Emma, ​​the brave nurse of the Red Cross with the Brave ability; it is difficult to eliminate she at the first attempt because she possesses the Cheat Death ability; she can take many risks. She also has the Lucky and Combat Medic ability. – Nathalia, with a really cheap cost (2pt) can be very useful to exploit all the army points. Fast and ruthless heroine, she is able to quietly eliminate infantry units with her weapons and the Killing Spree ability, being a Loner she cannot be aggregated to any Unit. In your army with the Mercenary Command team you can replace your usual command team with this if you like, but more importantly, the Mercenary block finally has its command team, bringing it more and more to independence.

Support Weapons: these two units are sold in the same box; one, the one with the heavy machine gun, has Advanced Reactive Fire and is excellent for countering the enemy’s infantry advance, the other with the anti-tank recoil gun,

Railgun Duo: this third issue dedicated to the Mercenary Block in my opinion makes this summer very rich. It is a very powerful unit that can be played with the limitation of only one the army. The Railgun has an infinite range and does not consider Infantry and Cover Rolls.

Headquarters Heavy Ranger: In this box you will find Hero OZZ 117 with his skill as a killer and expert in Heavy Rocket Punch, equipped with Jet packs and Flamethrowers. The command team equipped with heavy battle armor and high-tech weapons offers enormous flexibility in the heart of the fight, repairing vehicles, inspiring troops to great feats and healing wounded soldiers. Armed with Flamethrowers and Dual Machineguns, these soldiers can injure entire enemy teams.

Support Units: In one box you will find the artillery, sniper and observers. I show them to you in two versions of camouflage, the first being the warm one from Babylon and the second is the cold one from Zverograd.

Cultist Saboteurs: These fanatics of the Great Old Ones can inflict considerable damage as short-range units armed with dynamite and guns. They own the Charge ability.

Red Rain / Red Fury: there are in the box the cards of both the Ssu Block and the PLA and Spetsnaz factions. This creation is the BR 47 frame, based on the German RSO, which mounts a 100 mm antitank gun or a 200 mm heavy mortar. This light vehicle was not much more than an agricultural tractor at first, with a sort of closed compartment for the driver. It has evolved into a very simple but very effective weapon system: a staple of the SSU war machine.

RailGun Team: sold both versions in a single box, one for the Ninja and one for the cadets, they are very powerful teams. It should be noted that there is a small difference between the Ninja Rail Gun model and the cadet model, the Ninja model has a silencer but it will not make any difference on the card, otherwise, according to Olivier Zamfirescu Game Designer, it would be too powerful and damage the game.

Stash + Pallet: fully playable plastic stage, it has a card that explains its rules; it gives bonuses to all users of VK energy weapons; consisting of six bins and six uses spending one share; the bins will not be glued to the base / Pallet and can be used by all the factions in the game. You have to be very careful, because if an opponent is also positioned next to the Stash, he can use it. It can be moved or destroyed.

Greif Tournament, the autumn championship of Dust 1947 which takes place for the third year on Lake Garda! 19 – 20 OCTOBER 2019 in Lazise, ITALY

The appointment to bring together fans of Dust 1947, for a day of challenge and great game. The invitation is extended to all Dusters. Come fight with your army at the Autumn Championship, come and win the Greif!

I greet you, to the next article where we will talk a little about this great autumn event of the month of October the Greif Tournament and I hope of course to meet you in person on that occasion! … I will definitely be there and meanwhile I wish you exciting and amusing games at Dust 1947!

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