by Lucas Dune

The new year opens immediately with new releases for our favorite wargame: Dust 1947. If Christmas was not enough, you can still give yourself gifts to better strengthen your army with specific units; some of them were available only within the Starter sets, now you can buy them individually! … and some Allied heroes who have been unavailable for some time come back. All this will arrive in time for the Epiphany, on store shelves and in Webshops from 2 January 2020. All these new releases come in the KIT version and in the Ready to Play version (pre-assembled made of colored plastic that is no longer painted). Immediately ready to be played !!

Blutkreuz Korps Zombie Granadiers Squad: First available only in the fantastic KAMPFGRUPPE VON STEIN starter set now also available individually. Most of the subjects treated with the resuscitative serum (Wiederbelebungsserum) never regains any level of human consciousness when it resurrects to a new life as a Zombie; most are like barely controllable animals that are unleashed against Axis enemies rather than commanded in battle after being resurrected. This is not the case with the Zombie Grenadier Squad. The members of these teams keep their thoughts, memories and experiences becoming a sort of “living” zombie. Many experts speculate that it is their fierce loyalty to the Axis that is the cause / factor that allows them to transcend death itself. Critics who know this program are quick to point out how this looks like Wehrmacht propaganda. In both cases, these soldiers are insatiable in combat and very feared, they are known to live up to their fame on the battlefield, they are said to feast on the brains of their enemies. Four of them are armed with submachine guns and the fifth machine gun, in addition they have a single Panzerfaust 100 held by the leader of the unit and two Panzerfausts of which the other members of the team are equipped. These supplied weapons give the opportunity to attack any target that is airborne or armored on the battlefield.

Heroes of ASOCOM: with this magnificent box come back after a long time some unobtainable heroes of the Allied Bloc among which stands out , flying above all, the legendary and feared by  the enemies……Superhuman. Sergent Victory:  flies quick like a Jet, has super senses ready and a reactive body that allows him to have the Advanced Reactive Fire ability, he has 6 hit points and Cheat Death making him difficult to eliminate and he is expert with his VK guns. Thanks to his ability to fly he can make physical and non-physical attacks on planes and helicopters. The Priest: Lieutenant David Bonner of counterespionage is gifted with Spy abilities that makes it unpredictable where he will appear on the table; Highly qualified expert with dynamite, even if he fails with this, he has the Lucky ability to make sure he gets at least a good result; he a Soldier Hero 2. Armed with two weapons: a revolver and dynamite. Recently a card has been released that allows you to also deploy him as a Japanese Hero with the nickname The Traitor (Tokketai Agent). The Chef: The Chef is one of the best counter-intelligence agents of the Allies and, when the going gets tough, he counts on his flamethrowers to get out of bad situations. Known for its particularly poor aim, the Chef prefers the extensive use of napalm to more conventional weapons. The Allies now have access to the two flamethrowers of Guglielmo Zanicotti of Italian origins, better known simply as The Chef, he also possesses skills that make his appearance on the table as Spy; expert with kitchen knives and Lucky to make a good result unpredictable . The Loner ability forces him to be deployed alone and it is not possible to combine him with a unit like normal heroes. Rosie: Sergeant Donovan, besides being a beautiful woman, is also the brilliant engineer who designed the first Allied combat walker, her expertise as a mechanic is a constant resource on the battlefield. Her ability as a Mechanic allows her to repair damaged tanks, but don’t make the mistake of underestimating her destructive ability. She personally adapted her huge bazooka to knock down enemy walkers with one shot! Expert also in melee with her wrench. Bazooka Joe: Captain Joseph Brown is an icon hero of this game for the Allies; present since the first hour of this endless war, he is ready to provide the aggregate team with the support of his Grenade launcher of which he is an expert. The Black Ops ability will provide the advantage, to your entire Allied army, of an extra die to roll to determine the winner of the initiative draw. Officer able to reactivate units already activated in the turn. All these skills make him very useful in any scenario you can find.

Here we show the concept art of Sergent Victory designed by the excellent illustrator Karl Kopinski, currently one of the masters of European illustration. He has always lived in Nottingham, where he came into contact with the world’s most famous miniature manufacturer, and with undisputed artists such as the brothers Perry and John Blanche. His fame has become public knowledge and his extraordinary historical representations and his fantasy and science fiction art have invaded the playful publishing market. For Dust he also designed Winter Child Superhuman from the Ssu Block.

Justine & Co 6: Justine’s team is among the most famous in the world, with an extraordinary knowledge of all the vehicles, tanks and walkers of the various Blocks. The team members all come from the countries of the Organization of Neutral Nations. This is the sixth version / team and is available for all plastic. In addition to repairing the vehicles they are armed with Thomson SMG and possess a skill that makes them very interesting for land units armed with limited ammo weapons. They have Ammo Dump abilities: it allows an adjacent land unit to perform a free reload action.

Mi-Go Assault Squad: Yuggoth mushrooms, known as the Mi-Go, travel through time and space to perform offerings to the Mythos Gods. Praising Nyarlathotep and Shub-Niggurath, they are the most alien races compared to humans. The Mi-Go vary in color and shape, those presented here have been observed in the Middle East, around 1947. This unit was first available only in the fantastic Cthulhu Mythos starter set now also available individually. They possess Flight ability and can attack flying vehicles such as Jets and helicopters in close combat; they have Charge ability that allow them to launch an attack immediately after making a march movement. They can make a special attack once per game by shooting spores and hitting all adjacent units and with this attack they deny the opponent’s cover roll. I greet you, to the next article that will talk about other new releases: those that will be released on February 6th! ^ _ ^ … and meanwhile I wish you many exciting and amusing games at Dust 1947!

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