Battle report Torneo POLVARON 2020
Battle report Torneo POLVARON 2020

by Giorgio Zanin

Nice, I thought, when they told me that we were organizing a 1947 Dust Tournament in Vicenza on Sunday for January 19th, living nearby, so I can get up late and play comfortably. But no, since we organized the Bivouac Vicenza I had to put the alarm on like every day, as if it were a working day, at 6:45. Finally the day of the tournament arrives, the alarm rings at 6:45 am, I switch off the alarm clock, go back to sleep and the second security alarm rings at 6:55 am, panic for the delay, breakfast while I get dressed and think … Yes it is morning like any other … I go to the home of Alessandro Zanuso organizer of the Polvaron – Dust 1947 tournament and we start to check our lists. Among very nice questions to ask in the morning like: isn’t it that you have a Tito mounted? … and the tetris in the machine to load the bread and the porchetta we start with only 20 minutes late. We arrive at the Dado Giallo in Dueville, the place of the tournament, after 10/15 minutes Luca Garlaschi arrives with the Ammo Drop stand. After setting up the stand we wait for the arrival of the other players. Tournament starts at 10 AM so we thought everyone would arrive around 9:30. 9: 30.9: 45.10: 00 arrive and all with a “slight” growing anxiety on the part of those present. In the end, the players arrived at 10:10 and after a few greetings, the game started immediately.

As a list I used a mix of gorillas and German infantry 3. Gorillas must be played aggressively to allow infantry 3 to deal high damage without risking being killed immediately. I used in particular the heavy granadier platoon that allows you to reactivate an allied 3 infantry unit with expert

The first game the game against Giulio Cazzoli. In place of his usual Russians, he carries a text list very similar to mine. Luck favored me in this game (as almost always when I play against Giulio) with shots when I attacked in the average but with incredible saving throws. This premise combined perhaps with a greater habit of using the axis units allow me to get the better of my opponent.

The second game was against Bruno Patella who played the kv airborne platoon. One of the strongest platoons of the game in my opinion but I know that thanks to my gorillas I can play it on equal terms. And so it is with a game on the knife very tense and tactical. In the end I manage to win by conquering the goal thanks to Bruno’s tactical error.

The last game the game against Gabriele Berruti. He plays a mono American hero with fireball (and I already smelled burnt gorilla hair). We start and as in any game for the first place that we respect we forget half the rules in the first round. This distraction on both sides brings his sergent victory to a premature end, to the death of my lara for less than Nathalia. As I had guessed my gorillas manage to destroy his chariot with several losses and from then on it is basically a fight between particularly damaged units and single heroes, a mere search for the faction symbol in the dice, a battle that alternated with each activation. leading player. In the end his heroes give up and I win the tournament. It was a beautiful day full of beer, sandwiches onti, unmotivated screams of the bivouacs, beautiful dice rolls and ugly dice rolls.