Dust 1947 – Gorilla Painting Contest and Customization
Dust 1947 – Gorilla Painting Contest and Customization

The “Dust 1947 – Gorilla Painting Contest and Customization” is a home painting competition (online) organized by Ammo Drop in collaboration with Dust Studio, where the works will be documented through photos and posted by the participants or by their only delegate appointed for themselves. The photos must be posted in the Official group: Dust 1947 Italia OFFICIAL, specifically creating an album with the name of your work. At least 4 WIP photos (work in progress) and 4 photos of the final work taken from multiple sides are required. If there are problems to create your own album in the group, just contact the group administrators who will help you in the operation.

The event is designed given the time of difficulty all over the world and in Italy, to be able to give the Dust community some fun. A healthy and sporty competition in which the fun of painting your own model is the basis of everything.

Registration is free and with a limited number of 20 participants.

A miniature Gorilla Kampfaffen Dust to be painted and a sticker of the contest will be sent free of charge. The sticker must appear together with the miniature in the photos posted in order to validate (without not being valid for the purposes of the competition).

The competition is divided into two levels of painting: Macaco (Basic) and Gorilla (Master). The 20 participants at the time of registration must indicate at what level their work will belong. If the level of painting of the work during the competition is considered by the jury to be different from the one entered, the judges have the freedom to change and move the level of registration, subsequently communicating it to the painter.

Changes are clearly encouraged in this contest.

Registration for the competition is free. Registrations can be made from Saturday 4 April by midnight on 8 April 2020 via email with this list: name of the work, level of painting, name of the artist and full address correct for shipping the kit. Registrations received before or after will not be valid.

registration email: dust1947gorillacontest@ammodrop.eu

The registration will be valid by email confirmation from the organizers and the Competition Kit will be sent by post later by Ammo Drop.

The utmost seriousness and interest is required, given that the sending of the Kit and the registration for the competition are offered.

Press for both levels. They will be awarded respectively by level: first, second and third. The end of the competition is scheduled for midnight on April 30, 2020. Ranking and awards on May 3, 2020.

For any further information write: dust1947gorillacontest@ammodrop.eu

POINTS ASSIGNMENT: A jury made up of three people (two judges (the professional painter Fabrizio “Rusto” Russo, Luca Garlaschi of Ammo Drop representing Dust in Italy and a president: the artist Paolo Parente creator of Dust was the representative of Dust Studio) will vote for all the models taking account of 4 criteria, each of which will have a score from 1 to 5 for each member of the jury. The total score of the three judges will be added up to give a final score. In the event of a tie, 1 bonus point will be given for the work it has received more likes from the public under albums of the photos published in the group: Dust 1947 Italy OFFICIAL. If it is not resolvable in this way, the president will decide the winner by expressing a preference on one of the tied models. The models that enter the awards area will receive an offer from Ammo Drop.

Evaluation criteria for each Macaque (Basic) and Gorilla (Master) Category: Each judge will evaluate 4 aspects giving a score from 1 to 5 for each aspect.


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