The MI-GO Heroes and Platoons to play in Dust 1947
The MI-GO Heroes and Platoons to play in Dust 1947

Herald of Nyarlatothep

The following document was extracted by an Allied rescue squad from a base in Antarctica. Base coordinates are classified. No survivors were found. “February 3 rd : This new VK technology is a Godsend. It’s allowin g us to dig through rock hard ice like it’s butter! Mineral extraction is going smoother than ever. February 5 th : It’s like a story from Weird Tales, I swear. An ice wall crumbled during mining operations, revealing a cave. It’s huge, hundreds of meters a cross, and it looks artificial. The stone walls are covered in engravings, masterfully carved. The geometries are all wrong though. A couple of workers started feeling dizzy and nauseous in there. We sent them back and resumed mining. Maybe, during springt ime, we’ll call some four eyed egghead to study this place. February 8 th : We had to stop excavating. None of us feels well. Nausea. Vomit. Headache as bad as I never believed possible. Can hardly think. February 10 th : Other three workers disappeared. We found the bodies of Williams and Carson. What was left, anyway. The brains. Something took their brains. February 11 th : I’m the only one left. I hear noises outside my quarters. They are here”.

The Herald of Nyarlatothep knows how to use its influence ov er the minions of The Great Deceiver. Gaining advantageous positions from the very beginning of battle, the Mi go will smother the enemy in heavy firepower while remaining in safe positions. When they are done, no brains will be wasted. Platoon advantage: Tactical Mi-Go deployment All the Mi-Go squads in or supporting the platoon pass their infantry saves on a roll of SYMBOL as well as SHIELD during their first turn on the battlefield. Support units: The Herald has been granted great powers by Nyarlatothep, for the purpose of furthering its schemes. When descending into battle, the Mi Go complement the ir ran ks with Cultist squads of any kind . These zealots crave nothing more than laying down their lives, providing support from the ground to the machinations of their eldritch god. When the stakes are very high, the Herald can count on direct help by his very lord, in the form of an Avatar of Nyarlatothep. With cover by the Mi Go squads, the Avatar can lay waste to the battlefield, dealing with heavy vehicles while his minions pick off infantry units one by one.

Exalted MI-GO

For aeons I travelled through the cold blackness beyond the stars. Yet, the freezing wastes of void did nothing to quench the fury burning within me, the torment that is to be sated only by spreading death among the enemies of the Great Ones. The mortals of this world are pathetic. Fragile. Inferior. Naked primates that only recently picked weapons more sophisticated than sticks and rocks. Still, they have a warring nature. They will put up a decent fight. That will have to do, at least for a bit. The crackling of their tesla guns is music to me. The bright lasers are the most beautiful works of art. The heat from the phaser is like the comfortable warmth of a hearth fire. The sting of the railgun tickles like playing with an old friend. I live through war, I live for w ar, I am war. I ascend from the warrior caste of Yuggoth. I am the flame that burns. I am the most conquering one. An exalted Mi-Go is a perfect representation of the fury of the Ancients, born and bred for war. Seeing it dart above the battlefield, flyin g on huge leathery wings, shooting death rays in every direction, is a horror that few live to tell. Skilled commanders, they lead other Mi-Go units right into the heart of battle, inciting them into a frenzy that brings them to fly at high speed above the enemy lines, making them a very difficult target while they cleanse human filth in the name of the Ancient Ones.

Platoon advantage: Fungi rush All the Mi-Go squads in or supporting the platoon gain the “Scout” skill.

Support units: When waging war to the enemies of Yuggoth, the Exalted Mi-Go doesn’t rely on help by his godly overlords, and he would resort to his own kind rather than being aided by some inferior humans. All he needs are his Mi-Go brethren, and they are only honored to oblige. Calling on other Mi-Go squads, these spawn of Yuggoth will swarm even the most hardened defense lines in a tide of leathery win gs, fungi and death rays.

We thank the collaboration of Roberto Cavicchi for having written and edited the presentation of the Plotons.