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Special men with special missions need special equipment. The KV-47K (TSH – Tropicheskiy Shagokhod or ‘Tropical Walker’), codenamed ‘Aleksei’ is the perfect example of this maxim, as it was developed specifically for Spetsnaz units. Thanks to the walker being open-topped, its pilot suffers much less from the heat and has a better view and understanding of his surroundings. It sure makes him more vulnerable, but at least he’s not completely cooked at the end of the day. It also makes the walker lighter, which greatly increases its capacity to be transported to remote places.

These miniatures are provided with their unit cards, to be used with the Dust 1947 rules.

Like all regular Dust miniatures, these are already assembled and primed. They are ready for the battlefield, or for painting, as wish! You can paint directly on them, since the priming serve as an undercoat and is compatible with any type of paint.

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