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Axis field commanders are often outnumbered, but never outnumbered in firepower. The entire military industry and Axis engineers make sure their soldiers have the best vehicles in battle. Their latest creation is the already feared “KönigsWotan” heavy walker developed for the Blutkreuz and now also in use by the Axis block, too powerful a weapon that will lead them to victory in this never-ending war.

This magnificent box allows you the choice of being able to play one of the two weapons presented:

“KönigsWotan”: this walker variant features four laser cannons, the heaviest weapons available on the planet. It can engage enemy vehicles at great range and reduce them to smoldering piles of metal in seconds. For the enemy there is no chance in the face of this firepower.

“KönigsLothar”: With its impressive double Nebelwerfer triple rocket launcher, this walker can destroy anything in seconds, capable of covering any area of ​​the battlefield with a deadly wall of fire. This artillery system used by the Axis for years has already proved its usefulness in combat. Now, by installing such a large number of fire units on this huge frame, it has secured its place in artillery units for many years. And with such huge machines capable of carrying so many weapons, for the Axis, these weapons will win the war.

This model comes with four unit cards for each variant and Block / faction, for use with the Dust 1947 rules.

Like all regular Dust miniatures, these come pre-assembled. They are ready for the battlefield, or for painting, as you like!

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