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The forces of the Empire of Japan are fully committed to fighting in this never-ending war, and
they intend to win it!

No other military force on the planet has fought this war for as long as the Japanese Imperial Navy. Many say they started this endless world war. It doesn’t matter to the Ninjas who fight for the honor of the Emperor and glory of the Empire. They resumed their fate, leaving the doomed alliance with the Axis powers. Now only the will of the Emperor guides them, not the orders of Berlin!
In this fantastic box you will find a command team and 5 heroes of the Japanese block!

Ninja HQ: A team that cannot miss on the battlefield to make your game even more tactical and strategic.

Five heroes.

Ayako Shadow of the Serpent: She lost her parents in a plane crash in her teens. Sole survivor,
she showed great willpower by surviving deep in the Burmese jungle and returning to civilization. After this feat,
the mysterious Ninja approached her and offered
to the young woman a place in their family, where hers
her talents would be best used for the glory of
Emperor. Ayako answered the call and became the Shadow of the Serpent. Ninja Master.

Yukiko Fujita: Daughter of a famous Admiral of the Japanese Imperial Navy, Yukiko chose at an early age to follow
of her in the footsteps of her father by joining the Imperial Navy Academy as soon as possible. An exceptional student, she was particularly gifted at long-range shooting and underwent a sniper training program. By far the best marksman in her unit, she was sent to Europe as part of an Axis naval cadet exchange. Warned by her father, her
left Europe for Japan shortly before the IJN coup, bringing with her several projects classified next generation E-series tanks. She now
finds himself on the BlutKreuz Korps list of people to be eliminated. Yukiko Fujita is only 19 years old and has already served her homeland well, still great things await her.

Captain Kumiko: excellent vehicle driver. An ace in driving any land vehicle.

Kachiko Shadow Hunter: Armed with the latest technology portable Rail Gun, she is a relentless silent hunter. She can eliminate infantry and armored vehicles at great distances.

Niko Shadow Hunter: She prefers to act alone in operations and wanders like a raging shadow on the battlefield. Lethal to the infantry

These miniatures come with their own unit cards, for use with the Dust 1947 rules.
Like all regular Dust miniatures, these come pre-assembled. They are ready for the battlefield, or for painting, as you like!

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