The versatile M5 Heavy Walker is fast becoming the base of the Allied armored forces around the world of Dust 1947. The M5-A is exceptional and can be modified into a version with a suitable armor to destroy enemy armored units with the power of its six M40 Recoiless guns. These cannons are designed to fire in the exact same spot with a devastating effect, and using Salvo skills that double the dice rolled for the attack by completely emptying your weapons, you can inflict even more damage for a “doubly” devastating attack. The walker has three machine guns, two for the anti-infantry and one for the anti-aircraft defense, possesses “smoke bombs” to benefit from Cover.Questo modello è disponibile nel pattern Babylon, utilizzato in Medio Oriente intorno al 1947.

Questi modelli vengono forniti con la propria carta unità Dust 1947. I modelli Premium Edition non sono solo “preverniciati”. Quello che offriamo è una replica esatta del lavoro di Dust Studio.

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