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Welcome inside a hangar base with the new 9 x 12 square Peenemünde Gaming Mat (113 cm x 113 cm).
Are you ready for epic battles! Whether you are fighting inside a missile base to take over the study plans of new weapons and for new technological resources or inside a secret hangar lost among the ice of Antarctica or hidden in any place on the planet, imagine dramatic action and high-risk skirmishes as infantry and war vehicles fire inside a secret base and try to grab valuable targets, this beautiful carpet will be the perfect board for thousands of tactical battles.
In a moment you have a perfect game environment, together with our fantastic scenery, to play the most exciting battles you have ever fought. The perfect playground to make your battle scenarios unforgettable.

Peenemünde – Dust 1947 Gaming mat 12 x 12 vinyl is made of PVC. It has an excellent quality / price ratio, with detailed graphics in high resolution and bright colors, made with the best quality anti-scratch and anti-glare PVC. The grid is perfectly designed and aligned, you can also juxtapose two Gaming Mat to create a gigantic battlefield. Resistant, practical and easy to store. The PVC vinyl gaming mat must be rolled up with the graphics on the outside when stored.

Every good general tries to obtain all the advantages that the terrain can offer. Now you can take full advantage of the fantastic playing surface of Peenemünde – Dust 1947 Gaming Mat Vynil 12 x 12.

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