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PT-47C KATYUSHA / PT-47D / PT-47E: In the box you will find a triple armament to be able to trim it in Katyusha mode, launch phosphorus rockets and launch missiles. Initially developed for special operations, this amphibious vehicle is slowly becoming a staple of SSU forces across the planet. At the moment it can be found mainly with the Spetsnaz and PLA forces but also in the SSU Block, making the most of its capabilities:
the PT-47C with the famous Katyusha weapon system consisting of a tractor with a support structure for the launch of numerous rockets that depart in consecutive salvos. A squad of Katyusha in combat gear appears generally aligned, with the purpose of creating a large barrage or spreading a compact line of destruction on the target thanks to the Artillery Barrage ability, this type of attack covers an area larger than normal artillery fire by four squares, has two more squares, and ignores the infantry saving throw.
The PT-47D is equipped with phosphor rocket launcher, cruel and deadly, can hit a square up to 12 away, that square will burn for two game turns, the damage caused by the attack of the white phosphorus ignores infantry save and cover . For each attack performed this weapon must use one action to reload.
The PT-47E is equipped with powerful surface-to-air missile launchers, very effective against Aircraft, but provide excellent fire support against other targets as well, doubly devastating using weapon abilities to Save doubles the dice rolled for the attack by completely devoiding the weapons.
All three versions are equipped with a front machine gun and have the Tracked ability, the vehicle is influenced by the type of terrain as indicated in the terrain table on pages 19 and 20 of the Dust 1947 rulebook.

These miniatures come with their own unit cards, for use with the Dust 1947 rules.
Like all regular Dust miniatures, these come pre-assembled. They are ready for the battlefield, or for painting, as you like!

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