The Dust 1947 war!

The history so far …
The year is 1947. The war started eight years ago with Germany invading Poland is not over. The conflict has spread all over the world for a long time. Hanging from relative neutrality.
As the conflict grew longer, alliances were broken as new ones formed.
Nowadays, the main powers of the past are gathered in three huge states:
– The Allies gathered around the United States. This great coalition of nations includes the British Commonwealth and the French colonial empire.
– To ensure survival against their powerful enemies, Germany, Japan and Italy have merged as Axis. The rise of this totalitarian state was favored by the success of the Führer’s assassination in 1943 following the Walkyrie operation.
– The Soviet Union and Communist China have joined their destinies to build the SSU, or Sino-Soviet Union. By becoming a planetary power, the communist bloc intends to impose its way of life on all the other continents.
All over the world, the three blocks are struggling to gain exclusive control over this revolutionary mineral: the Vk. This mineral has revealed extraordinary properties and has led to the design of giant combat robots, able to challenge the most advanced tanks in the world.
The Vk came from Germany. Everything about this mineral is shrouded in mystery. The rumors went around saying that his secrets were revealed by aliens from another planet … But who could take those rumors seriously after years of war propaganda?

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